brandheart-logo2I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Trish when I was at a crossroad in my career and needed some strategic guidance and advice. I was blown away by Trish’s incredibly accurate intuitive assessment of my situation and her confident recommendations on the best way forward. I am very pleased to say that her guidance has proven to be extremely positive and that I’m thoroughly enjoying walking the path she lit up for me. Trish’s approach to her work is extremely professional, and it comes with a warmth and understanding that is reassuring and confidence-building. I can, and have, highly recommend(ed) Trish to family, friends and colleagues.

Robyn Young, Brandheart

I have received so much benefit from my coaching with you and the Intuition workshop that you ran. I always believe that things happen for a reason. I started coaching with you at the time in my life when I was so hectic, driven and burned out. Your coaching opened up a whole new world for me and unleashed energy and consciousness that I had not realised that I had. This has been an incredible journey and I am indebted to you for helping me ignite it. Not only did I restructure my business, which resulted in phenomenal success and a better working relationship with my business partner but, I changed my personal life too and feel better at 40 than I did at 20.

Debbie McCarthy , MD. TLC Global

Best Light logoTrish’s work as a strategic business intuitive really resonates with me – she is at the cutting edge of finding new and sustainable ways to do business in an every changing world. Gone are the days that we can ignore the triple bottom line – and Trish’s work acknowledges the different aspects of our humanness, our businesses and our planet.
I have consulted with Trish over the past three years and continue to be impressed with how spot on the intuitive information she accesses turns out to be. She works with the utmost integrity and I find the information and advice she gives to be clear and uncompromised.
It has been under Trish’s guidance that I have had the courage to start a new creative project very close to me heart. When things get challenging I can turn to her for encouragement – focus – guidance and insight. What a gift – one I have come to truly appreciate.
I continue to recommend Trish to people I care about, mostly people who are daring to do things differently. Why do I consult with Trish……………………….?
There are times in my life when the way forward is unclear. When I have to make choices, Trish is my go to person for clarity – direction – focus and information. She usually serves to confirm my own intuition which gives me the courage to follow through on things but she also offers new perspectives and clarity. I have come to trust her judgement and appreciate the support she offers and the care with which she engages.

Diana Keam – CEO Director – Bestlight Films

I’m a 47 yr old professional with several post graduate qualifications. For the past 7 years I have been actively involved in establishing an NGO which now has high profile multi-national contracts. Despite being a non profit organization, we operate in a competitive, controversial and challenging environment.
I approached Trish after having reached a personal low point where I badly needed perspective regarding my career future. Trish was extremely intuitive and accurate in profiling the individuals who impact on my working life, and who will have formative roles in future. She was able to provide clarity on particular issues, and crucially drove my resolve to clean up an unhealthy business relationship.
I often refer back to her profiles which help to address work challenges with greater confidence. Integrity came through strongly as an issue– and as a key departure point in applying her insights for future decisions and action.

Anonymous client – CEO of NGO in Africa.

Final-Cream-LogoTrish has been my Strategic Intuitive and Coach for the past year and a half. Her intuitive input has given me the advantage of knowing a situation or person even before I encountered it, enabling me to stand in my true power and make the best possible decision from a place of knowing and direction.

Trish guided me to understand my power and direct it in such a way that it gave my life meaning and freed me from the limitations of who I thought I once was. So after ten years of being stuck in a soul destroying environment, I finally took the plunge. Trish guided me to develop my business. Her coaching methods are extremely detailed, ensuring my business is built on proper foundations and being in alignment with my personal values. Trish assisted me to identify markets, develop my brand, partner with the right people and scan the horizon for possible setbacks.
She even pointed me in to the direction of appointing a suitable attorney that suits my profile and understand my needs. 

Trish has been my role model and my inspiration in many aspects of my life, but most of all she has been my Intuitive Strategist Business Coach, my Mentor for life.

Cindy Brown, CEO Cream Global (Pty) Ltd

Trish is not prescriptive, but comes alongside and guides you to what you might subconsciously already know. The Intuitive weekend cemented my belief in my ability to take hold of life and run with it. I can trust my own intuition and not be afraid of it. Trish’s wisdom and quiet strength has added immeasurable value to my life.

Gina Hamlyn, Ballito, KZN

Coming away on the Women’s Retreat has given me a beautiful gift of intuition, passed on to me by Trish, who gave such value and purpose to it. She furthermore provided a safe, calming space wherein you could really experience the essence of living a truly authentic life. Trish has both the life and business knowledge to pass on her skills as well as extract your own true potential. Worth every minute of it.

Caroline Magrath, Caroline Magrath Interiors, Constantia, Cape

Trish, this has been an amazing experience for me. I tapped into my inner most being and at times I was afraid to go there, but you just have a way of allowing one to get there. It’s probably the way you made us all feel welcomed, relaxed and that we will be fine at the end of the Retreat. I have learned that I need to let go of it all and just need to let it all flow naturally, letting go of all fear of the unknown.

Nobulali Shude, Foschini Group, Cape Town

All in all, I had a really good time at Granny Mouse and feel the time spent with you on Retreat was money well spent (sure beat therapy). I had time enough to do long, deep yoga sessions and meditations undisturbed, and the rest of the time I pretty much spent thinking and writing down my thoughts, inspirations, memories of things in my life past. A lot came together for me and I didn’t spend much time spilling my emotions as I had intended, somehow I didn’t need to, especially after meeting with you. The result – I came away no longer a victim but with hope and a fresh belief in myself.

Belinda Hayward, Women’s Trans Ocean Sailor and Sailing Coach