Intuition, Soul and Belonging

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Intuition, Soul and Belonging

I am home in my small coastal town of Onrus, Hermanus taking some time out from a busy 2013.  For me, returning home is about ritual and a sense of belonging. Opening doors, drawing back drapes and lifting blinds, to allow the sun to spread its warmth into rooms that have been closed off for some weeks.

Part of my homecoming ritual is long daily walks along the striking cliff paths that are a feature of our coastline. I am blessed to live in an area that is a proclaimed world heritage site and whale haven. From June onwards, the whales return to the sanctuary of Walker Bay to calve, and within a few months, they leave with their young.

Walking solo allows me time for deep reflection.

Yesterday, my thoughts were with the whales that keep returning to our beautiful bay. It’s an acknowledged fact that the whales return each year for they feel safe and protected in our bay.  Possibly they feel a sense of physical belonging for their period of calving.  In honour of their arrival each year, Hermanus town hosts a Whale Festival. Whale lovers from all over the globe arrive in Hermanus from September to spot the whales with their calves and to celebrate this miracle of nature. The Hermanus community welcomes both the whales and the visitors who flock to be part of whale calving season.

Thinking of our whales led me to consider the meaning of belonging. Why do we humans hold such a deep yearning to belong, to be accepted and acknowledged within a group or a community?  Why is so much energy expended in striving for acceptance within our families, our friendship circles and our work colleagues? This very real need often keeps us in personal and professional relationships long after we intuitively know that they are not right for us. Working in the field of coaching and intuition, it’s not uncommon to explore this issue with my clients, unearthing why they remain in jobs with a manager or leader who fails to acknowledge them, crushes their creativity, their spirit, and instills in them a feeling of not belonging.  Poet and Catholic scholar John O’Donohue in his fascinating book, “Eternal Echoes” positions the search for belonging as “universal yearnings to discover intimacy and to find shelter for the soul.”

Understanding that intuition is rooted in the soul, the place within you which speaks of truth, wisdom, compassion and understanding, we get a glimpse of how vital it is to know your own self worth, before you can arrive at a decision regarding your relationship with another.

It’s no coincidence that spirituality, personal growth and emotional well being is a rapidly growing global business. More people than ever before are seeking spiritual awakening, inner harmony and answers to their feelings of disconnect. Retreats, workshops and literature on spirituality are on the rise,  as we seek more knowledge and information on how to find our core and achieve the power to decision make from a position of personal awareness.

Like the Hermanus whales, who journey across vast oceans to arrive at the place they belong, to undertake their birthing ritual, we too need to do the work to uncover where we belong.  Journeying on a voyage of discovery and destination is never easy, but  once we do, our value system is rewritten and we cease to worry about what we are worth in the physical and material world. For when we truly know our authentic place in the world, we begin our intimate journey of self acceptance and feeling comfortable within our skin. When this transformation occurs, we have no need to posture, pretend or attempt to fit in. We simply do. Knowing who you are means you always belong.

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