Intuition is Another Layer of Data

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Intuition is Another Layer of Data

“You’ve got to be kidding me” is one of numerous responses I hear when asked what I do for a living. Creating a niche market in the heavily subscribed field of business consultants took me years of unwavering self belief, dogged determination and bullet proof responses to the numerous rejections and disbelief my elevator pitch elicited.  My own intuition kept me glued to the knowledge that I was on the right track, that one day business would look to intuitives for superior insight into complex business decisions. Today I derive great joy in sharing that I have made a career out of what is generally referred to as “a sixth sense.” It beats the usual Powerpoint presentation.

As an Intuitive, using my intuition daily to access high value information for my clients, I now and then overlook that not everyone uses their intuition to gain clarity, focus and the bigger picture for their businesses and their lives. Yet, there is a shift in consciousness around the precognitive power of intuition and the benefits it brings to the boardroom table and beyond.

According to research done by IBISWorld, Global Market Research on Consumer Goods and Services, October 2015 “Psychic Services Market Research Report | Consumer Goods & Services | Oct 2015 sees continued predicted Annual Growth of 15-20% with revenue in the region of $2bn” in the field of intuitive insight.

“The Psychic Services industry has grown steadily over the five years to 2015 thanks to the recovering economy and growing acceptance of industry services among consumers. Following a dip during the recession, rising disposable income levels have spurred demand for discretionary services like psychic readings. In the coming years, improving economic conditions will continue to boost industry performance, as rising disposable income bolsters average customer spending on these services. ”

Globally organisations, entrepreneurs and individuals continue to experience challenging financial scenarios, with an emphasis on budget cuts and retrenchments. Increasingly companies are relying on data to promote organisational performance. It’s big business which comes at significant financial cost. But is the investment worthwhile? Traditional modes of mining information and identifying potential trends for future decisions don’t always give a 360 degree. Should more leaders in organisations be considering an additional layer of non traditional supportive data that is derived beyond the rational mind? It goes by the name of intuition and it’s been with us since time began, long before technology was conceived.

It’s interesting to note that many of my client’s are successful entrepreneurs, people who are open to risk, able to ask the unusual and curious questions whilst embracing divergent and innovative ways of developing new markets, launching products and building their brands.  My cue on this is that entrepreneurs, by their very nature, are open to kicking down doors, removing barriers and embracing the unorthodox and unexplained.  That’s why they have chosen to be entrepreneurs and not be on the payroll of somebody else’s dream.

Let’s look at what intuition is and why intuitive feedback can enhance positive choices when the fork in the road is uncertain:

  1. At an elemental level, intuition can be described as the clear truth of any situation. Possibly this is why many people resist it? Ask yourself how many people you know, that can hear the bold truth, and not run from it? It takes courage to look at what your intuition is guiding you to undertake, resist or believe. Not everyone is ready for the change that it brings. I advise my clients that working with their intuition initially, is more stressful than ignoring it. Why? Because it makes you vulnerable to ridicule and alienation from your peers.
  2. Being bombarded daily with hundreds of emails, research and analytics can blunt your ability to discern the subtle, yet ever present information that is filtering through to your consciousness. An overload of data can create blockages to your physical, emotional and intellectual energetic system, much like stagnant pools of water, clogging and muddying your thought processes.
  3. Intuition is innate. It belongs to you and is hardwired into your energetic system. For your intuition to grow bandwidth, you need to develop a conversation with it. Not unlike your other relationships, if you don’t commit to nurturing and developing a communication loop, you will end up tuning out and not mining this delicate yet powerful inner guidance system.
  4. Your intuition is there to protect you. Imagine it as your own personal security satellite that never sleeps. It will always illuminate a clear and accurate way forward or get you out of a situation that is not beneficial to your wellbeing.
  5. Intuition needs moments of silence to allow itself to be heard. Making time during your day to switch off from the clutter and noise of the office and social spaces enhances your ability to connect with your internal radar. This can be achieved through consciously uncoupling your thoughts from those around you and by taking a step back, quietening your mind and disengaging.

In the word’s of Tim Cook, CEO of Apple “I’ve discovered that it’s in facing life’s most important decisions that intuition seems the most indispensable to getting it right.”  “Intuition is something that occurs in the moment, and if you are open to it, if you listen to it, it has the potential to direct you in a way that is best for you.”

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