Following your Dream vs Driving the Goal

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Following your Dream vs Driving the Goal

Its early a.m. and I am sitting at my desk in my home office in the small coastal town of Onrus, Hermanus, South Africa. The sound of the breakers over the rocks is rolling through my windows and the fresh, cool smell of the Atlantic ocean is tiptoeing through my open door.

This blog piece was born of a discussion I had with my son some time back. He spoke of goals and I spoke of dreams. We were having a reflective conversation on careers, life path and what it means to know at the centre of your being who you are and what it is you want for your life. So what wisdom can a mother teach her 31 year old son, graduate of Fullbright, USA that he has not learned through many years of academic study, global travel and life experiences?

As a Business Intuitive, Strategist and Coach I work with companies and entrepreneurs who are often chasing success, money, status and of course, the bottom line. The term “reach my goal”is often used by my clients when I invite them to tell me how I can best help them in their careers or their business. During coaching sessions I ask my clients “what is your dream and can you describe it to me?” More often than not the response is “I don’t know.” For many, the idea of following their dream died in childhood as most educational institutions, parents and teachers focus on attaining a goal, driving an ambition and fostering analytical thought to achieve success in the classroom.

My own life experience has taught me to follow my dream. For years my dream was to be self employed. To have the freedom to choose my career, to decide where and when I would work. This dream stayed with me from a very young age, into my mid thirties, whilst being a full time mother to three children. I kept it alive by picturing it, imagining what it would feel like to stand in a room and deliver a talk on intuition, host a Retreat and consult to business. There was no goal, just an overwhelming connection to my dream which was driven by my passion around intuition, a desire to see others succeed and financial independence.

How do you connect with your dream purpose?

  • First step is to identify what it is that you are responding to? Is it money, prestige, success, the right address? Or is it a deeper sense of purpose, validation and financial freedom?
  • How will identifying your dream life, career or situation change your reality?
  • Reflect on what has true meaning for you.
  • Does a sense of accomplishment and quiet peace bring you joy?
  • What makes you feel alive, invigorated and gives you a sense of personal freedom?
  • How many hours a day do you want to give to your dream career?
  • Where do you picture your dream job or career being located?
  • Identify what support will be required to achieve your dream.
  • Will following your dream bring you in line with your core values and beliefs?
  • Are you prepared to take responsibility for the commitment to pursue your dream?

Think back to when you were a young child. What did you want to be and how did that dream make you feel back then? Revisit those feelings and rekindle those dream memories. Maybe the dream has changed, but the feeling has not. Go find your dream and don’t waste more time on the goal, for without the dream, the goal won’t happen.

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