Developing Intuition

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Developing Intuition

As I write this, my last blog of 2013, my thoughts turned to those of you who will be ending the year with intentions focused on the closing off of another year. It’s a time of reflection, of looking back on what you have achieved and planning forward to what you aim to achieve in 2014.

A new year brings much promise and expectation.  When many of us set down our future goals, our dreams and that which we have yet to attain in our professional and personal lives,  we may have well-intentioned friends, family and colleagues giving us advice, suggestions and ideas to help us herald in a new year with fresh beginnings. As an intuitive and coach, my work is about helping others to find the right path to bring fulfilment, success and personal growth into their lives and their careers.

By using our individual deep seated wisdom and innate intuition, we have an ever present supply of intuitive support and insight that guides and steadies us as we build our dreams and achieve our ambitions, whilst giving us clarity at times when the road seems rocky and uncertain. So, with this in mind, here are some key points to assist you to build and grow your intuition. In understanding how to utilise this wonderful part of who you are, you will find new and powerful ways to decision make, grow and expand your unique inner wisdom and ability, knowing that what you are sensing and feeling, is true to you.

1. Communication:

Intuition “talks”to us in subtle ways. We are constantly communicating with others, but how often do we make the time to communicate with ourselves, opening an internal dialogue that enables us to discover meaning, purpose, values and beliefs in our lives? Practise and make time in your day to sit quietly, still your mind and focus on becoming aware of your surroundings, your physical body, your emotions and sounds that filter into your conscious mind. By practising this quiet time once or twice a day, you “tune in” to your consciousness, bringing clarity, peace and centered awareness, making you open and receptive to your emotional and physical state, whilst kindling the way you respond to people, situations and experiences.

2. Trust:

Being able to trust that which you are sensing, feeling and possibly hearing internally, is critical to developing your intuition. As we practise trusting more, we also learn that we need to be more flexible and open to move swiftly to bring about change, to embrace new experiences, new environments, situations and people. Holding ourselves open to trusting more, we resist less, expanding our ability to adapt quickly to new events in our lives, enabling our ability to take risk, innovate, create and transform.

3. Raising awareness:

Practise being observant, noticing small and seemingly unimportant details that would not ordinarily bring your attention into focus. By observing and not responding immediately, we learn how to be present, resisting immediate action, allowing us to witness and step back for a moment. As we practise this act of being fully in the moment, our need to control and manage all the details of our lives is released. We move into a space of acceptance and diminished expectation. Heightened awareness is a key ingredient to sharpening your intuition and allowing the small voice within to speak and be heard.

4. Validation:

By following through on what you are becoming perceptive to, you validate and empower your inner voice. Much like being advised by your investment adviser to put a little more money away each month, if you act on this advise, your nest egg grows and you become more confident in your investment strategies. Intuition requires validation and an action plan. Honouring your deeper self means walking the talk. Working with your intuition grows your ability to remain open and receptive to it.

5. Acceptance:

Accepting that you have this natural, subconscious, finely attuned communication system that filters information through to your consciousness, you will begin a journey of raised awareness unrivalled by any other information process. Talking about your intuition and it’s positive impact on your life,  is an indicator of your own acceptance that you are intuitive. This sends a message to your consciousness that you are at peace and not resisting the flow of feedback you are receiving.

If you are an individual who annually sets down a new year resolution and follows through on it, why not consider making your  personal intuitive development a goal? It will possibly be the greatest and most transformational resolution you have ever committed to. Make 2014 the year for intuitive living.

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