It is through science that we prove,

but through intuition that we discover
– Henri Poincare

I’m Trish Holdengarde, an intuitive and intuition coach.  I work with corporates, entrepreneurs and individuals.  I help companies and individuals build success through intuitive forecasting and assessment of opportunity, risk and future options.

My role as an intuitive and coach is to empower you to achieve your highest possible potential.  I will help you find your best strategic direction, most beneficial partnerships, ideal business opportunity and coach you to utilise your innate intuitive talents in intentional ways.

When you operate from this position of confidence, you possess greater levels of personal and professional confidence, you are able to communicate better and are more authentic.  In addition to this, knowing you are headed in the right direction dramatically reduces your stress.

My client’s describe me as highly intuitive, ethical and focused. I identify barriers and blockages to your success, whilst providing you with clear solutions at uncertain points in your life.

If you want expert, unbiased clarity that cuts through the clutter of your day-to-day decision making, then get in touch with me.

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 I have had the pleasure of working with Trish over the past two years and she has changed my life in so many positive ways. Her biggest attribute is her ability to always make me see a clear picture and give me the confidence to make the correct calls all the time. Trish is an asset to my business and could not think of how we managed without her special value she always adds.

Greg Smith, Director, 360 Online Marketing Agency.
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Intuition is Another Layer of Data

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Intuition is Another Layer of Data

“You’ve got to be kidding me” is one of numerous responses I hear when asked what I do for a living. Creating a niche market in the heavily subscribed field of business consultants took me years of unwavering self belief, dogged determination and bullet proof responses to the numerous rejections and disbelief my elevator pitch elicited.  My own intuition kept me glued to the knowledge that I was on the right track, that one day business would look to intuitives for superior insight into complex business decisions. Today I...

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Women working with Intuition

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Women working with Intuition

Are women more intuitive than men? It’s a question that can lead to heated debate. I am going to put my money where my mouth is and assert that women in business are more intuitively aligned to their goals, their staff and their business vision. They use their intuition to navigate each day, decision make, deal with clients and manage their staff. Women in business are not shy to share examples of how their intuition guided them to grow their businesses, challenge traditional thinking and support their risk taking....

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